Film Projects

We're all filmmakers at heart here and when we get the chance, we endeavour to create for pleasure instead of for business. We'll post our creations here as we complete them and hope you enjoy our short films, skits, trailers and other film experiments. If you have a film project that requires a production team, please get in touch via the contact page.

A Night At Marty King's - Short Film

Marty King is struggling to keep his bar open with the lockout laws in force and faces off with a stylish mob enforcer and surly lockout inspector on one fateful night...

One Sunny Day - Short Film

A circus clown named Sunny Day is finding it hard to be funny and ends up feeling blue. The Boss Man tells her that if she doesn't pick up her act by tonight, she'll be fired. Then a wandering street performer named Billy Bonkers enters the scene and resolves to help make her laugh again, by any means necessary... 



Sontaan Hopson as Sunny Day

Rory Pie as Billy Bonkers

Raif Colbert-Smith as the Boss Man

Max Mulvenney as An Obnoxious Boy

Jeff Hudson as Shower Man


Production Design by Lucy M Scott


Cinematography by Hannah Klassek


Directed by Adrian Masiello


Copyright Adrian Masiello 2015