Motion Graphics Work

If you don't want something set in the real world, a nice animated video is the way to go to achieve a specific look and feel, or to provide some visual flair that is harder to achieve with live footage. If you're on a budget, using graphics can make your video look much more expensive than it actually was. There is almost always a place for motion graphics in a project and here are some examples of what you can do with a little time and imagination to promote your product or service.

Camperdown Fitness Cinema Ad

With only a 15 second window to communicate the many, many features of Camperdown Fitness we were asked to use a grid design to display as much of their impressive facility as possible in this small window in their ad at Hoyts Cinemas. The result was a sweeping, impactful tile design that gave the opportunity to showcase the best aspects of the gym with dynamic moving photos and text. 

Samsung SUHD Social Promo

To create some buzz for their new SUHD TV range, Samsung wanted to inspire some curiosity and communicate a visual connection with the vivid colours of their new SUHD TVs. By combining some smoke elements with the brand text and a vocal musical anthem, we created this little 10 second  teaser for use on various social media channels.

Vivoactive 15s Pre-Roll Ad

With the release of the anticipated Vivoactive smart watch, Garmin needed a snappy 15 second pre-roll video to promote the release. The aim was to give a rundown of a few of the key features and provide viewers with a feel of the personality of the watch. Created entirely in 3d, with a combination of 3d animation and 2.5d motion graphics. Finding the right music was equally important, with the track evoking a lot of the personality of the brand.

Toshiba Encore Product Tour

The good folks at Toshiba wanted to showcase the best features of their latest tablet and we were happy to oblige, this 60 second product tour gives a rundown of the best features and also a sense of style and personality that the marketing team wanted to communicate.

Toshiba Portege 3d Product Tour

Together or apart, no matter how you use it, the Portégé Z10t is simply utopia when it comes to staying connected and adapting to your digital life. With its convertible agility, supreme responsiveness, high performance and ultra-lightweight chassis, the Z10t has all the power and connectivity you need to take you to all the places you want to go.

Samsung OLED Promo

To promote their new OLED TVs in Australia, Samsung needed this overseas ad previously created from stock footage updated with some new light particle effects and additional shots of Australian landscape to bring the light to Aussie audiences and some motion graphics text to evoke the light theme. It's trickier than it looks, but creating the moving light beams was a lot of fun and provides a unique effect to tie in with the OLED theme.

Machina's Theater Promo

To communicate the futurist themes of their latest play, the Machina team thought it would be a great idea to create a 'fake ad' to promote a ficitonal service from their show. The result is a great tongue-in-cheek promo for a Matrix-esque brain transfer to the cloud service that serves as both a promo for the show and entertainment.

Awkward Conversation Pozible Video

To support their crowd funding campaign, the folks promoting Awkward Conversation asked for something to engage people with the themes of their show. The theme was writing a letter to avoid an 'awkward conversation' and it was a very effective way of being engaging, comunicating the themes of the show and including information about how to support them. An animated video can do wonders for the perceived quality of your campaign or business and has a relatively low cost compared to a full scale video production.