Our Work

We have worked for a range of very diverse clients and pride ourselves on our adaptability and imagination no matter the project. If you'd like to create something similar to the work below or something completely different, get in touch.

We collaborate with Commando Steve quite often and it's always a blast, but never as much as when we had the junior Commando, little Ella Willis on the set too! This was a series of TVCs for broadcast and online to promote the new Vivofit Junior fitness band. The public response to Ella's very first appearance in the media has been overwhelmingly positive and we're certain that we'll be seeing her on our screens again very soon.

Fenix 3 TVC with Commando Steve

To promote their new titanium styled Fenix 3 watch, Garmin enlisted us and Commando Steve to create a stylish Bond look and showcase the product's versatility. We styled the gym to look like something out of a Bond film and did the same for Steve over two shoot days. There were some camera tricks and special effects used to make it happen, but most of it done practically in camera.

Tidbit Sydney Promo

Behind the scenes on a lingerie fashion shoot, we captured the spirit of fun and creativity that the styling team from Tidbit Sydney were putting out and cut together this nice showpiece of their talents and creative process. With a bit of fashion, style and artistic lighting, the team came up with some great photography and a look to match the model's style.  

Forrest Garmin; National TVC & Online

In this nationally broadcast TVC we wrote, shot, edited, colour graded and distributed for the Australian branch of multi-national GPS company, Garmin. There were over 100 extras involved and we shot the ad over two very fast but fun days. Our makeup team created some fairly complicated hair and beard effects and our DoP worked hard to closely match the look of the original film we were parodying, Forrest Gump.

Garmin's 'The VIRB Adventure' Online/15s TVC Spots

In a massive shoot schedule of 12 days over the course of a month, we traveled everywhere from the Blue Mountains for abseiling, to the rough waters of the Northern Queensland coast and into the murky depths of the Manly aquarium to get up close and personal with some sharks, what an adventure! The aim was to prove Garmin's new action camera could hold up to anything that was thrown at it and we certainly did just that. We received multiple comments that people couldn't tell it was shot on an action camera and we'd done too good a job filming it, whoops!

ABCN Scholarship Program

To create awareness for the ABCN Scholarship program, where young students are mentored into their career paths, we had a nice chat with their students and teachers amongst the classrooms where the magic happens and created this piece to show how well their hard work was paying off. Filming, lighting, edit and graphics were all done by us.

CAPO Powerlifting Event Video

A big 2 day event at Camperdown Fitness with the national qualifiers for Powerlifting. We covered the event the entire day with video and photography, trying to capture the atmosphere of intense hard work and focus that the athletes pride themselves on. The powerlifing community were stoked with the coverage of their under-promoted sport and were left wanting more.

GadgetGuyTV Sodastream Test

Just another day in the GadgetGuy kitchen, we had a blast filming this doco style product test and the results were explosive! A quick shoot, edit and graphics all within a couple of hours.

Telstra Platinum Video

Some more fun with the GadgetGuy, this time we were creating an awareness video for Telstra's new Platinum service. This entailed almost a full day of filming, lighting, makeup, editing and Telstra branded graphics to very exact specifications.