Production Services

We provide an end-to-end video production service and also each service individually should it be required. We are able to cater to nearly any size budget and can scale our services to match the budget in most cases. Each production will have different requirements and the level of service required will depend on your individual project so please get in touch and ask for a quote, we're always happy to discuss your needs.

Film & Video Production

The first step to a great film or video (after the writing) is of course the filming! Depending on your budget, we can provide a camera operator, operators, or professional Director of Photography with a full truck of equipment. We'll consider your individual needs and we'll give a recommendation as to what level of production your project needs. Prices start from $200 for a simple, single camera 4 hour shoot, without a lighting setup. The cost is adjusted accordingly from there depending on the complexity of the production and your individual needs. Whether you want to shoot on a high end DSLR, Sony F3/F5, RED or something different entirely, we've got it covered.

Video Editing

The next step in the production pipeline is video editing, we may have already filmed for you or you may have filmed something yourself and just want an edit done and that's great, our camera guys can't be everywhere at once! Give us your footage in an acceptable format and we'll slice and dice it to perfection. This service generally includes some basic sound editing and colour grading to make your vision the best it can be. Our editing fees can be charged by the hour or on a per job basis for larger jobs, get in touch for further info.

Motion Graphics

Every production can benefit from some animated graphics to tie it all together visually and give it some flair. We can do anything from adding some simple moving text to creating a fully 3d video for you from scratch to show off your latest product in the third dimension. Almost anything can be done with graphics, so it helps if you have an example video, storyboard or images that communicate what you want. Prices vary depending on complexity of the work, but our expert motion designers can help you find something that suits your style and budget.