Showreel Production

If you're looking to break into film, TV, or theatre, you need a great showreel. It's that simple. What we offer is a way to create the most cinematic showreel possible, tailored to your strengths, in order to maximise your casting chances. We can write, direct, film and edit your scene, or scenes, or simply edit your current material into an effective piece of self promotion. Why wait for your big break, when you can show the world how you will look up on the big screen now?

Cinematic Showreel Scene

We treat our cinematic showreels like short films and use a dedicated director and cinematographer, with a full range of cinematic film gear at our disposal. You can also choose to have a costume and makeup artist on set for an extra level of production value if your scene requires it. We shoot in 4K widescreen digital film format for our cinematic reels and are confident that they're the most cinematic looking showreels you will find. You can supply a script, but we recommend using an original work, or that we write something tailored to your strengths as a performer.

Chayla Korewha - Teen Drama Showreel Scene

Grace gets a call from her crush, Andy, just before she's meant to go out with her stepmother, Mia, and is talked into lying to get out of it. Mia is hurt, but sees an opportunity to bond with her new stepdaughter and they take the first step towards getting along as a family.

Chayla Korewha - Hacker Showreel Scene

Laina is an expert hacker who wants to be left alone, but a government spook named Eli keeps threatening her in order to extract favours and this time he's gone too far. Laina concocts a plan to give Eli what he deserves and at the same time, gives herself a chance to escape his clutches.

Cherene Hill Showreel Scene - 'Love/Birds'

An adventurous girl is out in the woods trying to catch a glimpse of a rare bird, until she's disturbed by another man taking photographs. She confronts him about it, but is surprised to find out that she’s the bird he was watching all along.

Showreel Short

This is something a little different that we like to call a 'Showreel Short'. Sometimes showreel scenes can be restrictive with their duration in what they allow you to do as a performer and you might want a longer format to showcase your more in-depth character acting abilities. The 'Showreel Short' is a way to do that, using the same time and money that you'd spend on two separate showreel scenes, we give you a 5 minute short film with a character written just for you, and a longer narrative with more time to portray the character. You can dig deeper into the psyche of a character and take them through a more entailed emotional arc, with a few twists and turns along the way. This is more complex and challenging than doing a regular scene, so we recommend this only to experienced actors.

Showreel Short - 'In The Red'

An indebted con man pleads with 'The Accountant' for more time as his midnight deadline fast approaches. When his pleas fall on deaf ears, he gets more and more desperate to settle the matter one way or another... but who will be the one that truly pays the price?

Music Performance Showreel

Showreels aren't just good for actors, perhaps you're a musician who wants to get a gig performing live music at a prestigious venue, or  you may want a nice compilation of your favourite songs captured on camera as a graduation piece. Whatever your desire, we can work with you to create a lovely showreel compilation to suit your musical needs.

Mary Sherman Christmas Piano Showreel

To showcase Mary's piano playing ability, we created a simple music performance setup on stage in a Chapel and used smooth flowing camera moves and atmospheric lighting to give the showreel a nice jazzy Christmas vibe. We recorded the piano music with multiple studio microphones to capture the rich, beautiful sound that was present in the room during the performance.

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Get in touch with some info about the kind of showreel you'd like us to create and we'll get back to you with a quote tailored to your specific project. Be sure to mention how many scenes you want, their duration, if you need a script or scene partner provided, what kind of location the scene is set in, and what kind of production value you're after (basic, mid-level, or cinematic like the above). There are a lot of variables in showreel shoots, so the more information you give, the better we can give you an accurate quote.

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