Small Business Ads

In this digital media age, everyone needs some video content for their website, Facebook, YouTube or any of the other multitude of online media channels available to promote their business. We cater to many small businesses and their need for an affordable ad, tailored to their specific business type. If you have a small business and need an ad for TV, Cinema, Web or In-store, get in touch.

Urban Pizza Bar Video Advert

Craving some delicious pizza? Urban Pizza Bar in Camperdown has got you covered! Following the pizza's journey from inception to delivery, we get the mouth watering with this ad for Urban's delicious range of pizza offerings.

Travis George Hair Salon Promo

Using a combination of pre-existing photos and additional video that we filmed, we created this little promo for Travis' hair salon to promote their services. Keeping the style of the salon itself and the palette of the images in mind, we used a mix of the different media content to communicate both the style and services of the salon.

Henry's Notes Kickstarter Promo

We were asked to create a stylish promo for a fashion and lifestyle blog for men, with a minimum of budget and this is the result, welcome to Henry's Notes! With a combo of filming, editing, motion graphics and a snazzy tune, we captured the essence of the blog that was being promoted and got people interested in investing in the project.

My Hip & Knee Promo

We were asked to create a promotional video to explain his services and approach to surgery and so created an in-depth look at the process by interviewing some of his past patients and using 3D GFX to explain the surgery. Dr Rimmer is an Orthopaedic Surgeon who specialises in both primary and revision total hip and knee replacement. He has undergone advanced training for both areas, both here in Australia and overseas.

Camperdown Fitness Gym Promo

This is a good example of an in-depth promo video for a business, being longer in duration than a traditional ad, this serves as a full overview of the services and facilities of the gym and features a voice over artist adding additional information about the business. This type of video is suitable for a business that has many facets and a larger facility like a gym, retail franchise, hotel or shopping complex.

Camperdown Cellars Online Ad

This ad was created for online use and also in-store, so it has a combination of vison and text graphics to convey the messaging when no sound is being played. The main goal was to communicate a positive atmosphere for the store and display the wide range of choices available while adhering to the brand style guide.