Web Series Production

For stories that need an episodic format to be told effectively, sometimes a web series is the best way to go about it. With almost unlimited reach online, you can get your content out to the most people possible and create new instalments regularly to grow your audience. Scripted or unscripted, documentary or narrative, long or short, there's a format and production level suitable for everyone.

Commando RAIDS Web Series

In the pilot episode for the 'Raids' series, we surprise an unsuspecting Rob in his apartment and Commando Steve gives him a surprise evaluation of his lifestyle and fitness levels.

In our follow-up episode, we surprised an unsuspecting Adam at home and Steve makes him run for his life as he finally gets the push he needs to cement his resolution of turning his life around. 

In the third episode of the series, Steve's emotions are tested as he's confronted by Daniel's story and feelings about his self-image. Steve takes charge and teaches Daniel what changes he can make to his daily life to begin to turn it all around.